AC Company who is the manufacturer of complete LPG installation under the STAG trademark LPG, has extended its offer of products needed in the LPG workshop. TytanGas Protect is a new brand of chemicals used in the workshop at the gas installation. Products offered by TytanGas Protect, are a response to the needs expressed by the market, and their quality is maintained at the highest global level, guaranteed by reputable manufacturers. TytanGas Protect brand is the best choice for the workshop which values quality and reliability.


Center for maintenance chassis

TYTANGAS PROTECT underbody agent based on bitumen-rubber forms a flexible coating that protects the chassis of the car the impact of stones, salt, water, mechanical impact and industrial fumes. It also has sound absorption properties.



Modernall-season antifreeze for any type of radiator or water-cooled engines.

TYTAN GAS PROTECT showsvery high performance parameters, including:

  • wide application range – optional mixing with otherantifreeze fluids based on monoethylene glycol (MEG)
  • excellent engine protection, even down to -35 °C ,
  • effective protection against freezing in winter and boiling in summer,
  • preventing scale buildup,
  • protection of metal, rubber and plastic components,
  • full safety of metal parts of the cooling system – thanks to the corrosion inhibiting additives

*offered in 1 L and 5 L bottles


LPG Additive TytanGas Protect 3in1

LPG lubricant – preserves, lubricates and cleans. An effective, highly-con­centrated and multi-purpose protective agent for use in vehicles fuelled with LPG. It is applied to the intake manifold with the use of special ap­plication systems.

An optimum combination of ingredients is the ideal solution for LPG-fuelled vehicles:

  • protects valves and valve seating against wearing,
  • cools and lubricates the combustion chamber,
  • reduces engine wearing and extends its lifetime,
  • reduces the emission of harmful substances and optimizes their use.

Leak Tester

Professional product for the quick and precise identification of leak points in various pressurized gas systems. The product is also anti-corrosive, non-flammable, environment-friendly and does not irritate the skin. It can be used for any gas system.The product can be used on metal and plastic surfaces.An additional practical advantage is the use of a rotating nozzle to allow spraying in any container position.

The product is used for identifying leaks, particularly in:

  • pipelines and hoses,
  • welded and soldered connections,
  • pipe joints, valves and fittings,
  • cylinders and containers with technical and medical gases,
  • deviceswith inflammablegas firing,
  • cooling equipment,
  • brake systems, etc.

Multi-Purpose Penetrant


  • Penetrant used for releasing seized oxidized and corroded metal connections: screws, nuts, hinges, locks and cables,
  • low surface tension ensures penetration to the smallest gaps and releasing all seizures,
  • anticorrosive, lubricating and water-repellent properties,
  • free of acids,



Silicon Spray

Oiling and protecting product based on silicone oils.

  • high electrical resistance,
  • forms a thin film with anti-adhesive properties to protect against contaminants and moisture and adds a glossy look to plastic and rubber surfaces,
  • resistance to high and low temperatures and various chemicals
  • improves elasticity and surface oiling,
  • protects oiled surfaces against moisture and consequently corrosion,
  • • suitable for internal and external applications and thanks to the special releasing valve (with no risk of losing the propellant) can be applied in any position

The Electronic Gas Detector

Electronic gas detector TytanGas Protect is a very sensitive device for detecting and locating leaks and installation of gas equipment and LPG tanks   The construction of the meter is based on modern microprocessor technology. Ease of use allows for quick and precise location of leaks in the gas system.

Technical data:

  • Detectedgases : natural gas, propane, butane, methane, acetone and ammonia fumes
  • Sensitivity: 50ppm methane
  • Preparing for work from power on : approximately 60 sec.
  • Response time: <2 seconds.
  • Length of detector neck : about 40cm
  • Power supply: 4.5V. 3 x C type batteries (R14)
  • Battery life: about 8 hours

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